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Have you ever thougEver wondered how it would feel like studying in the universities and institutes that you have only seen in movies and other entertainment platforms?

Ever wondered how great it would be like studying in a breath-taking environment with a culturally and ethnically diversified classmates, but worried that your academics are not that great?

If you have, then you can make that dream come true. Yes, you read it right, you don’t need to hold yourself back just because you think that you are not “good enough” in your academics.

Since a long time, the educational guidelines of the UK have guided the educational institutes of our country and what better place to pursue your higher education than straight from the source of all the education guiding country.

While studying anywhere you will invest at least 2 (for Master’s) to 4 (for Bachelor’s) years of your life to pursue a degree, you can complete the same in the UK within 1 (for Master’s) to 3 (for Bachelor’s) years and get a professional placement year to help you get yourself enter into the market and get started.

After the Brexit (UK exiting from the European Union), the UK has now given an equal opportunity to all the students from all nationalities to come and demonstrate their talents in front of the world leading companies by giving them a 2 years PSW (Post Study Work) VISA.

While you are saving on 1-year worth tuition fee, you will be able to earn while you learn by working Part-time jobs in the UK for 20 hours a week (during study) and 40 hours a week during holidays.

Getting into a UK University is even easier than getting into the IITs and IIMs which do not even compare with the world ranking universities in the UK. For Non-STEM courses, the student just has to undergo an IELTS Academic examination and score a minimum of 6.5 band with no band less than 6.0. Apart from these, if the student wants to go for the STEM courses, the students can go for the GRE examinations, which will further prove the proficiency of the student in their field.

If the student has scored above 60% in their previous education (i.e., 12th for Bachelor’s pursuing and Bachelor’s for Master’s Pursuing), the student can apply for the UK Universities ranking in the top 1000 in the World Ranks.
The universities also provide a lot of scholarships to the student ranging from nearly a GBP 1000 to around 50% of the tuition fees but then again is dependent on the university’s discretion.

As the UK’s universities are world-class, they do take their sweet time to revert back because they not only have your application to process but have applications from every nook and corner of the world where the student is aspiring for a better education. The universities take around 4-6 or even 8 weeks to revert back and once they do; they constantly keep in touch with you to help you from that step forward.

However, studying abroad may seem an expensive affair (covering the Tuition Fee, living costs, IHS and VISA Fees), trust me it is a better option that studying at a lower ranking institute in your own country as the international universities give you an opportunity to understand a lot of various diversified cultures and is also worth it as the degree from the UK university is recognized world-wide and also puts you in whole other level of a spotlight when you put forth your application for a job anywhere outside UK and have an experience of 2 years (from the PSW tenure).

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